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We are a diverse group of people living in the Bishops Castle area with one thing in common - we like riding bikes! We organise rides for riders of all abilities, and we are affiliated to Cycling UK for the protection of all.

Rides are on the first Wednesday of the month. Rides are normally "meet at destination" rides, enabling riders of all abilities to meet at a place and time to socialise together.

In addition, an informal "further, faster" group meets each Wednesday at the Six Bells Pub. You should use the link below to contact us if you think you might want to join this ride for the first time, so that we can let you know if it's going to be right for you.

Thursday, 22 December 2016

Solstice 2016

by Maxine Rogers

Today was the day of the annual winter solstice ride. Sandwiched between rain storms we had a morning of dry air but wet roads, the moon showing itself through a thin haze of watery clouds. Our thermometer told us it was 5C when we stepped out of our door. 

At the school gates we gathered in the dark - Hugh, Ben & Lou (who had to depart for work), Kay & Chris, Ann & Glynn, Tess, and Paul & Maxine (me). I didn't notice the night lift and the light descend but it did so gradually as we rode. There is quite a period of twilight before dawn and after dusk.

The hill to Bury Ditches is an evil one. We surmised that no cyclist would live in Lower Down but we were wrong, because we met one, Pascoe, at the trig point. He was there with his mountain bike and his dog. Together we all stood as light enveloped us, but we couldn't see the sun rise behind the low cloud layer. 

Pascoe rode off, his dog running behind, as we began our walk down, those on mountain bikes taking a different route to the walkers. Back on our bikes at the car park we rode a circuitous route so as not to arrive too early at the Poppy House cafe for our customary fry-up. Four people joined us there - Shirley and Yavuz who had walked, and Rose and Jim who had ridden their own way. 

A custom now firmly entrenched, I'm certain. 


....and this is what it should have looked like!

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