We like riding bikes!

We are a diverse group of people living in the Bishops Castle area with one thing in common - we like riding bikes! We organise rides for riders of all abilities, and we are affiliated to Cycling UK for the protection of all.

Rides are on the first Wednesday of the month. Rides are normally "meet at destination" rides, enabling riders of all abilities to meet at a place and time to socialise together.

In addition, an informal "further, faster" group meets each Wednesday at the Six Bells Pub. You should use the link below to contact us if you think you might want to join this ride for the first time, so that we can let you know if it's going to be right for you.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

The Stables Inn, Hopesgate

Yavuz chats to Sanford
by Maxine Rogers

Our day was dry, not very warm but far from cold – not quite the tropical heatwave we were told to expect but one way or another we had a fantastic turnout of 16 for Paul's ride to the Stables Inn, Hopesgate. A small group began the day by meeting for coffee at the Poppy House, before riding as a loose and disorderly bunch via minor lanes to Chirbury, picking up further riders along the way. We turned towards Marton and turned again at Etsell, onto a road which rose and fell in a series of undulations. The minor lane to the lunch stop was a bit of a drag, so I was very glad to get there.

L-R Yavuz, Dave and Sanford, with Paul (front) and Kay
Rose, Jim and Angela were waiting at the pub for us, together with Chris who, because of a knee injury, had needed to drive. Our food came promptly once we were settled, because Paul had gathered preferences from us in advance. Jonathan, however, arrived late, having ridden an extra loop (with Sanford, who had a lunch date elsewhere) and everyone else had finished their food! But Chef Chris prepared an extra portion of hot chips, and these were passed around enthusiastically.

Snowdrops in Lydham
More climbing after lunch was hard on our “cafe legs”, and most people rode a short diversion through White Grit, although I made a dash for home down the main road. But I was so taken by the amount of snowdrops in the verges that I kept stopping! And to Stephen, who said he hadn't seen any crocuses yet, I can say that I did! And with the almost constant song of the courting birds, it was easy to believe that Winter was over. For this day at least, it certainly was.

Friday, 3 February 2017

Castle Kitchen in February

by Kay Radford

A rare warm and sunny day between wild and wet frontal weather encouraged 10 of us out on our bicycles. Small groups and individuals made their way to Montgomery over the hills and far away. Rose probably rode the furthest, covering 40 miles on the way. Others made their way via the Anchor and Abermule, Bishop's Moat and Cefn Coed, or a more direct route.  

I made my way up towards Corndon then down to Marton, Caerhowel, Abermule and Llandyssil. The birds were singing and the woods were scattered with snowdrops. Red kites wheeled over the Camlad valley and a murmuration of starlings swept the skies near Llandyssil. A perfect early spring morning.

We all met at the welcoming Castle Kitchen and indulged in their usual excellent lunches amidst general bonhommie.  

Who could not be feeling good on such a wonderful day?