We like riding bikes!

We are a diverse group of people living in the Bishops Castle area with one thing in common - we like riding bikes! We organise rides for riders of all abilities, and we are affiliated to Cycling UK for the protection of all.

Rides are on the first Wednesday of the month. Rides are normally "meet at destination" rides, enabling riders of all abilities to meet at a place and time to socialise together.

In addition, an informal "further, faster" group meets each Wednesday at the Six Bells Pub. You should use the link below to contact us if you think you might want to join this ride for the first time, so that we can let you know if it's going to be right for you.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Loop to the Soup (Hopesay tea rooms)

by Paul Rogers

Weather forecasting cannot be the easiest job in the UK so I presume that they are told to be a little negative and then we are happy when it doesn't turn out that bad! Today's ride to Glebe farm tea rooms was a great example of this with early week forecasting for some rough weather on Sunday, but in the event, the wind blew a little, but not a drop of rain to be seen. Seven of us met in Bishops Castle for a pleasant ride out past Wheelwrights, through Clunbury and out via the balcony road to Twitchen, with stunning views across the countryside below. As we stopped to regroup outside the Bird on the Rock tea rooms, Glynn suggested we nip in for coffee as he was clearly in need of a caffeine fix, but the group whisked him away quickly. The ride through Clungunford and Broom was not only wind assisted, but with the ongoing water main works along this stretch, the closed road signs made for a glorious traffic free spin, with the hedges now showing the first signs of spring and daffodills out in abundance. All made short work of the climb to Hopesay where we were joined by Hew, Lou, Ben and extended family, along with Tess, returning from having elevenses with another cycling group. With 3 home made soups on offer and some fabulous bread rolls (Rye and sourdough?), the “seconds” meant a few never made it to the cake course, with lemon drizzle, pear sponge and fruitcake all very tempting. 

The return route would need some careful thought with the strong wind now in our faces so we took some sheltered lanes through Beambridge, Purslow and Kempton, with a final pull over the hill at Totterton and a sprint for home with the skies darkening by the minute. A pleasant 26 miles covered, celebrating early spring in this fabulous place we call home. 

I really must remember to take some photos on the road as it appears that we only ever eat!

Thursday, 16 March 2017

The Thorn Raven Rides Again!

by Liz Colebrook

John Smyth was instrumental in establishing the Bishop's Castle Cycle Group. I've forgotten when exactly but it was around the turn of the century. The group's aim was to encourage cycling in the area and campaign for anything that would get more bums on saddles. The last thing John was closely involved with was the cycle routes around BC guide for visiting cyclists but that was nearly 10 years ago - still in print and available at the Town Hall, (or at the link on the right!)

John's knees and memory are showing signs of wear but we pushed our bikes to the top of his very steep lane this morning. I held my breath as he performed the scoot and mount technique once the gradient had levelled off.  Exactly as John had predicted, he was fine as soon as he started pedalling.  We rode up the Ridgeway and cycled along the top to the moat. 

A visiting cyclist was at the 5 lanes junction studying of all things the aforementioned guide - I introduced the cyclist to John explaining that John had actually written the guide! The cyclist was amazed but still needed a bit of convincing on the correct direction but he acquiesced eventually.  Off he rode down to Montgomery on the route we called 'The Full Monty' and back we went to Seven Wells, John thoroughly enjoying the mini excursion.

"I only fell off 12 times" he laughed on his return so Hilary asked to see the scars but it wasn't true at all and she was delighted to see photographic evidence that we'd beaten the odds. John was very keen I shared this story with the group so here it is!

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Craven Arms the lumpy way...

By Kay Radford 

We have been extraordinarily lucky with all the club rides since October in that the weather has been really good. Today was no exception - slightly overcast to begin but quickly clearing and becoming bright (but cold). Lets hope this luck continues. 
In the Cafe
Also another good turn out with 11 cyclists meeting at The Market Street Cafe in Craven Arms for an excellent lunch. As usual on the Wednesday rides, small groups made their own way there by various routes. John, Huw and Paul having come the long route via Ludlow and most others coming on variations of route 44. 

As route 44 goes past my gate in Churchstoke I followed it all the way to Craven Arms, meeting Angela in Bishop's Castle en route. This route goes up every hill between the two places and often very steeply. I was definitely in need of refreshment and rest when I arrived in Craven Arms.

A group of 8 returned together via Broome, Aston on Clun, Beambridge, Kempton and Lydbury North - much easier!

Six in Clunbury, with one (Paul) behind the camera and another astray!