We like riding bikes!

We are a diverse group of people living in the Bishops Castle area with one thing in common - we like riding bikes! We organise rides for riders of all abilities, and we are affiliated to Cycling UK for the protection of all.

Rides are on the first Wednesday of the month. Rides are normally "meet at destination" rides, enabling riders of all abilities to meet at a place and time to socialise together.

In addition, an informal "further, faster" group meets each Wednesday at the Six Bells Pub. You should use the link below to contact us if you think you might want to join this ride for the first time, so that we can let you know if it's going to be right for you.

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Picnic at Dolforwyn Castle

By Paul Rogers

A picnic at Dolforwyn castle was the plan if the weather allowed and what luck we had (again) with the sun popping out after our clamber to the top of this ancient hilltop castle. I may have put a few off joining the group ride with the likelyhood of hills en route, but with careful planning, the spin through Church Stoke, Chirbury, down to the Severn below Forden, Garthmyl and the canal path, was anything but. With several people joining us at Dowforwyn, a total of nine enjoyed a leisurely picnic within the castle ruins, followed by a group ride to Montgomery via quiet lanes and the gated level crossing at Hendomen. Leaving Montgomery, the pace increased, with most of the group being left in the wake of the tandem, with Huw & Ben steaming ahead to ensure the kettle was on for a welcome cuppa and the end to another brilliant day out. 

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